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29 Acres Approved Building Lot, Hunting, Mobile Home in Cave Spring,GA - Numerous Amenities! Comps at $150,000+ BUY TODAY FOR $105,000!! We also Finance

Are you looking for a place where you can go camping with your friends and family not too from amenities? A place where you can be yourself and breathe, be able to face and touch nature, be away from people, from traffic, from daily stresses and just relax in your mind, relief from your work and live the moment. 

Here’s a very nice 25.83Acre for you, this Land has no restrictions, if you can build on it, put a mobile or manufactured home if you want; Plus we are selling it $17k below the market value. it’s located in Cave Spring GA, a town known as one of the safest places in Georgia with a crime rate of 48% lower than the Georgia average, Cave Spring gets its name from the cave and spring that are in the heart of the town. It is located in Rolater Park and there you will find the purest water. People drive from miles around to fill up bottles, jugs, and whatever else they can find to carry the water that comes from the cave. It doesn’t get any more pure or perfect than that. It’s 1h22min from Atlanta and near Alabama, just 30 minutes to Piedmont, AL.


We also offer owner financing, with a deposit of $15,000

3 payment Options: 1. 120 months  x $1,096.85

                              2. 60 months  x $1,763.50

                              3. 48 months x $2,678.18


GPS Coordinates: 34.093993, -85.319737

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Buy this property today for just $95,000! (You save $55,000)